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Catapult unlocks the potential in Web3 communities through frictionless onboarding, rich Web3 profiles, and powerful tools to explore and connect.

Trusted by some of the most vibrant communities in Web3

Trusted by some of the most vibrant communities in Web3

Effortless onboarding

Our onboarding flow makes it easy to learn about the community, share your experience and interests, and find the right starting point for you.

An effortless experience for new joiners that also reduces overload for talent coordinators and community leads.

Removing the friction and creating web3 native, intuitive onboarding platform is a game changer for us, and what I believe will soon be a game changer for many other DAO’s and Web3 native organisations.

Brad, Community Co-lead, Index Coop
Catapult onboarding

your web3 profile

Onboarding flows into multi-faceted Web3 profiles that reflect your chosen identity, where you contribute, and which communities you belong in without impacting pseudonymity.

Members can enrich their profiles through integrations with whichever platforms they choose to connect (e.g. wallets, Discourse, Discord, Snapshot etc.).

All bundled in a powerful privacy layer so you can own your profile and control what others see.

Catapult’s onboarding, rich profiles, and explore tools will help members get the most out of the amazing Krause House community. I can’t wait to see the connections, ideas, and collaboration that ensue!

Mario Lopes, Krause House DAO
Catapult web3 profile with DAO memberships, credentials, NFTs, and many more!
Catapult provides a way for you to explore and discover your web3 community alongside see how it is structured

Explore + Discover

Quickly see how the community is structured, the key contributors, and the people in the different guilds / working groups.

As your explore these communities, our enriched profiles and discovery tools help you find the right people for stimulating conversations and impactful collaborations.

Catapult is a great tool for context on the members of a DAO. Hopefully, it increases engagement, drives collaboration, and creates opportunities for contributors and community leaders.  I can't wait to see what comes next!

Shawn, Community Steward, Aragon

All in one place

All of the tools used by each DAO can be accessed from one central ‘home’, helping everyone to engage and participate without the fragmentation and overwhelm.

Whether it’s governance tools, bounty boards, the key documents, social links, or the calendar of events. It’s all in one home.

DAOs have demonstrated the potential to supercharge community-led growth, but they often struggle to convert community members to productive contributors. Greg and Rav have brought an awesome team together at Catapult to arm DAO operators and community managers with powerful tools that provide context and drive meaningful collaboration and connection between members — helping unlock the potential of DAOs and Web3 communities.

Aleks Larsen, Blockchain Capital
Catapult allows you to participate in the DAO-life all in one-place by integrating with tools that enable governance, bounties, payments, and events

Backed by some of the best investors + Founders in web3

Catapult is backed by the best web3 investors including Blockchain Capital
Catapult is backed by leading Web3 investors, Eden Block is one of them.
Catapult is backed by leading Web3 investors, Reverie is one of them.
Catapult is backed by leading Web3 investors, Orange DAO is one of them.

Stani Kulechov

Jenil Thakkar

Brandon Kumar

Raf Solari

Shreyas Hariharan

Ahmed & Aniket

Ryan Berkun

Shaun Ng

Simon Jones

Jack du Rose

Henri Stern

Jason Shah

Harry & Ben

Saad Rizvi

Donald & Henry

and many more...

Backed by some of the best investors + Founders in web3

and many more...

You’re in good hands
with Team Catapult

Between us, we've contributed in some of the most respected DAOs, co-created a field in mathematics, built the largest decentralised newsroom in the world, had work featured in the Design Museum, built state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, published many papers in many journals, built and sold companies in Mongolia and Singapore, pushed the frontiers of social fintech in India and automated derivatives trading (and that’s just what we've done for fun!)